For Slava

For Slava, 2014
framed text 30cm/20cm, inscription on the wall a wallpaper and photo of Slava Klavora.

The work is based on the materials from the Museum of National Liberation Maribor, folder number 1–7, Slava Klavora. The work is about a haunting personal and collective history and draws on archive material related to Slava Klavora, a female member of the Slovenian underground who was tortured and killed by the German occupiers in Maribor in early 1941. After the war, she was presented as a national hero. Among the texts copied from the archive material – in a gesture of re-enactment – there is an inscription on the wall. The very words that were engraved by the female resistance fighter in her cell: “Say nothing. Know nothing. Know Nobody.” Next to the text, there is an attempt at a reinterpretation of one of the few photographs of Slava Klavora.