We entered many countries

KGLU, Museum of Contemporary art, Slovenj Gradec, curator Andreja Hribernik, 2017

Spatial sound and text installation in public space.
Digital advertising sign and speakers.

It is 2015.
Refugee centre.
7-year old boy is sitting on a blue Ikea chair for children.
Othman start playing the guitar.
Aried starts singing.
About the certainty that nothing is certain.
Digital advertising sign in one of the shop's windows in the city center was rented for a month. Advertising content was replaced with a translation of the song which was recorded in one of the refugees centers.

Translation of the song sang in Arabic language, English translation: Maha Ahmed, Othman Zouhair

We struggled a lot a lot
To travel to Europe
We entered many countries
I cannot even count them
I cannot even count them
I lived in Syria all the time on my nerves
Fearing from any bomb that
Would come and kill me
Would come and kill me.