Newsreel 64 –"If the forests could speak, they’d dry out from sadness"



Newsreel 64, video, 8mm, 10', 2021

The Newsreel 64 considers and reflects how the barbed/razor wire plays a role of a tool of governance and power. The project draws attention to its use, which due to its lightness, flexibility, cheapness, aggressiveness and effectiveness brutally encroaches on human lives, thereby producing the greatest possible effects of control and governance.


In 2000, the French philosopher Olivier Razac described, in his Barbed Wire: A Political History, three larger historical events in which barbed wire, used as a political tool, played a crucial role in demarcating space, thereby shaping and determining three key catastrophes of the modern age. In the US. But its history does not end there.


The Newsreel 64 examines and adds another one. In the fourth period, the barbed wire has obtained a new image and a sharper dimension; it has become a razor wire. It has continued to be widely used on factory walls and in fencing state institutions, elite neighborhoods and, in the last ten years, the Schengen border. It is used along national borders to control people that need to be confined, deterred and returned.


Through a series of photographs titled The Wire and a video essay, the projects depict and documents the erection of the razor wire fence in the years 2017-2020, along the national border between Slovenia and Croatia.