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Newsreel 65 - "We Have too Much Things in Heart..."*

In the proximity of Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia, there is a small place that is the site of unimaginable human suffering. It is a place of numerous attempts and failures. An area marked by inexhaustible patience and small expectations.

A place separated from the European Union by forests and hills – forests, hills, and rivers that migrants cross with unimaginable effort. Forests, hills, and rivers of police brutality, violence, and abuse of power.

They call it the forest of darkness. It is a forest in which “to be seen” can be fatal and “remaining invisible” can mean a slight chance.


The Newsreel 65 project provides a broken insight into this place, marked by the daily attempts and failures of the refugees trying to cross the border of the European Union, and into the solidarity of the local community.



The series of video fragments is accompanied by a booklet – Newsreel Shreds, with contributions by:
Tara Najd Ahmadi, Andreja Hribernik, Jošt Franko, Ciril Oberstar, and Andrej Šprah.



*Mohammad's statement after his latest pushback to BiH.




my mother.


I will colonize you with flip flops.

We have too much things in heart...


It’s hard to traverse the mountains, rivers, fields...


If police catches you, they treat you so badly,
that you wish you could have killed yourself.


They  strip you naked, then they beat you, break your phone and take your money.


This is it my friend.



the trees,


the rivers,


the mountain




binds me

to your name ...



And what will we do?


What will we do


without exile?


How do you survive in a forest for two weeks?


Alpinist in France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria,

they spent €1000.

to spend one week in the Alps.

Slovenian police too...


they are looking for


migrants like they are



Newsreel 65 - "We Have too Much Things in Heart..."*

Newsreel 65 - "We Have too Much Things in Heart..."*