Newsreel Tribute – Prime Time in Camps and Slon Tango


1994 was not only the year of the first Triennial U3 in Ljubljana, but also the year Chris Marker’s poignant documentary Prime Time in Camps hit the screens. The film shot in Ljubljana seeks out and shows the troubling points of the silenced, overheard and invisible reality of the 1990s in the Balkans. In addition, the film reminds us of the emancipatory potential of the S.L.O.N. collective, when art demanded a direct share in reality with the aim of uniting artists and filmmakers in resistance and establishing fundamental principles for nonhierarchical collective work


The invitation to participate in the 9th Triennial U3 exhibition at the Moderna galerija, curated by Vit Havránek, which was also a 25th anniversary of the first Triennial, prompted a reflection on the politics of exhibiting and the possibility of intervening in the museum’s existing national collection.
A Newsreel Tribute – consists of the purchase of Chris Marker’s Prime Time in Camps (1993) and Slon Tango (1993) and their donation to the existing public collection. A fragile and tiny fragment that tries to (re)write, supplements, tries to show and decisively demonstrates the possibility, potential and promise of the future and a commitment to tomorrow.


Both films are an invaluable and precious record, also in view of today’s situation, with migrants waiting trapped in refugee centers, bureaucratic procedures and the vicious circle of violence on their path to a better tomorrow. At the exhibition, the films were juxtaposed with a photograph of a razor-wire fence erected along Slovenia’s border and a selection of photographs, books and other material.

The intervention again provided context with texts published in Newsreel Shreds, contributed for this exhibition by Andrej Šprah, Nace Zavrl, Andreja Hribernik, and Nika Autor.



Museum for Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019

With the kind support: Les Films du Jeudi.


In collaboration with Meta Krese, Andrej Šprah, Nace Zavrl, Andreja Hribernik