Newsreel 65 – We Have too Much Things in Heart...


In the near proximity of Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia, there is a small place, that is the site of unimaginable human suffering.  A site marked by patience and anticipation, by attempts and failures. A place separated from the EU by a dense forest and hills, controlled by police and marked by its brutality and abuse. They call it the forest of darkness. This is the forest in which “to be seen” can be fatal and “remaining invisible” can mean a slight chance.
Moseeben says: “If the forests could speak, they’d dry out from sadness.”

The journey through the forest on the EU border takes between ten and fifteen days. Refugees calls it a Game – an exercise in hiding from the gaze of others. Newsreel 65 brings together fragmented insights into the everyday life of refugees attempts and failures to cross the EU borders.


Zhe project is accompanied by a booklet – Newsreel Shreds, with contributions by:
Tara Najd Ahmadi, Andreja Hribernik, Jošt Franko, Ciril Oberstar, and Andrej Šprah.