Newsreel 670 – Red Forests

essay film, 16mm, 16',  2022

Red Forests is rethinking the erection of the razor wire on the EU borders since 2015. It considers and reflects how the razor wire plays a role of a tool of governance and power. The film draws attention to its use, which due to its lightness, flexibility, cheapness, aggressiveness and effectiveness brutally encroaches on human lives, thereby producing the greatest possible effects of control and governance.  Besides, the film is rethinking the  forests along the EU borders – as geographical, natural as well as political spaces – that bear history of clandestine refuge as well as of clandestine solidarity practices in different contexts, times and eras.

Along with the film a series of photographs titled The Wire were made.

Newsreel Front

Newsreel 670 –  Red Forests


Editing: Nika Autor
Music scores: Deep Waters, Dirty Three
Translation: Tamara Soban, Maja Lovrenov